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Winterize your pool and save

If you live in Southern California, particularly in the Menifee, Elsinore, Hemet, and other areas of southwest Riverside County, you are probably wondering if it’s necessary to winterize your pool right now.

Image of luxury indoor swimming poolHere in Riverside County, we have relatively mild winters, so it’s not necessary to drain your pool for the winter. Temperatures may reach near freezing at times, but it is only for a few short hours of each day so pool water won’t have time to freeze. This is also the same for pipes and filtration lines, even if frosty conditions persist, the two or three hours at or below freezing won’t be enough to freeze pipelines, particularly if they are underground.

Unfortunately not all of us have a heated indoor pool like the one pictured above, but some people do like to keep their pool water clean, fresh and ready for when summer comes around.

How can you save on pool cleaning costs during winter in Menifee, Temecula, Murrieta, Elsinore?

  • Firstly, you can reduce your filtration pump running times. With less use, reduced chorine evaporation times, and in some cases, less leaves dropping in the pool water, you don’t need as much filtration. You can adjust your pool filtration pump times to almost half, but monitor your pool water and adjust accordingly.
  • With cooler temperatures and reduced UV radiation from the sun, you probably won’t need to add as many chemicals. This depends on the amount of rainfall diluting pool water, and the amount of falling leaves, but constant monitoring of your pH balance and other pool chemical levels will ensure your pool water is clean and clear all winter.
  • Unless you want to swim all through winter, you can switch off your pool water heating. It’s not necessary to run a heater if you don’t use the pool, switch it off and save on energy.

Seek advice from professional pool cleaning services who can take away all the guesswork and carefully measure your pool’s water for clarity and chemical balance. Winter is a great time for pool filter cleaning and maintenance. This way you can be ready for springtime!

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