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What causes cloudy pool water?

Cleaning cloudy pool water could be easy or difficult depending on the what is causing cloudy pool water. Cloudy pool water is the result of either algae, dissolved oils, dirt particles, or mineral particles.

Causes of cloudy pool water include:

  • a broken pool filtration pipe letting dirt enter the pipes between the filter and the pool;
  • dirty water runoff during rain;
  • dirty or clogged pool filtration element;
  • excess leaves from trees and gardens;
  • short pool filtration pump running times;
  • a high number of swimmers with excess sun lotions or skin moisturizing lotions;
  • an accumulation of living algae;
  • water calcium content.

Find the cause for cloudy pool water.

The first step in any treatment of cloudy pool water is to thoroughly check your filtration lines and pool filters, eliminate overhanging trees. Check for leaks which may be allowing dirt and silt to enter the pool. Eliminate the possibility of drainage water from rain entering the pool.

If your pool’s pH levels are correct, and your pool filtration is operating for the right duration with clean filters, and there is no other dirt or leaves falling into your pool, then your pool water should be crystal clear. But if something is continually adding contaminants like dirt from broken filter lines, or trees dropping leaves, then the conditions are right for cloudy pool water from waterborne silt and or algae.

Algae can bloom quickly in warm water and in just a few hours you pool water can go from cloudy to solid green.

Chlorine or bromine added to your pool water will kill algae, but it won’t filter your water, and you need to have enough water cycling through your filter so that most of the particles can be strained from the water by the filter.

Can I clean up my pool water quickly?

Pool water coagulants such as clarifiers and flocculants start the pool water cleaning process by joining the tiny dirt and dead algae particles together making it easier for your filter to collect the larger particles.

After a few hours, you may need to clean your filters so they don’t become clogged with the larger particles and it helps with filter efficiency.

Why does pool water become cloudy only after people dive in?

Slightly heavier dirt particles fall to the bottom of the pool. This is another cause for cloudy pool water just after you enter the pool. The particles are stirred from the bottom and begin circulating around in the water.

This is why you need to thoroughly scrub and vacuum your pool so that the particles stir up in the pool water and can be collected in the filter.

Is this sounding like a lot of work already?

Reflections Pool and Spa Services based in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Elsinore, and Hemet are available to check every detail of your pool and find what causes cloudy pool water in your pool.

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