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Online Pool Maintenance

If it’s green, call a pool guy. Pool maintenance is usually hap hazard. If the water is cloudy, toss in some clarifier.

Reflections Pool Services use online pool maintenance to track all maintenance activity and keep your pool optimized to avoid emergency pool cleaning calls and wasted pool chemicals. How is this possible?

Pool maintenance services recording data online and can analyse data history for trends in chemicals and waterlevelsOur PoolTrac online pool maintenance system records pool water test results, maintenance visits, photos of pool conditions, chemical adjustments, general condition reports, and recommended maintenance in a portable smartphone tracking system. We can instantly email reports to you so you know when we have visited your pool and you can see what actions have been taken for pool maintenance.

Testing is still performed and maintenance checks are still visually observed on equipment, pumps, filters, motors, and switches. Recording is now online which keeps accurate records as each maintenance call is completed. You receive notifications for added chemicals, condition reports, recommended maintenance, and time of visit reports.

If you are away from home, our on line pool maintenance system will keep you updated when we’ve completed the maintenance visit.

Will online pool maintenance reports improve pool service?

Yes! Online pool maintenance reporting gives immediate access to trend reports. If your pool is continually needing water added during each pool maintenance visit, we can recommend a leak inspection if the loss is unseasonal. We can track past reports and consider pH levels over a period of time. If there is a pattern in unusual pH levels, we can make better informed recommendations to either adjust the chemical doses or recommend other remedial action.

Will online pool maintenance cost me more?

No. Online pool maintenance and reporting is a new process used by Reflections Pool and Spa Services to help maintaining records of visits and pool condition reports. The service is included in our regular pool maintenance visits and you will benefit from instant reporting and constant recordings of pool condition reports.

Reflections Pool and Spa Services are based in southwestern Riverside County and service pools throughout Temecula, Murrieta, Elsinore, Hemet, Menifee and Perris. We live in the area, and after years of servicing, repairing, and maintaining pools in the area, we know we can help you maintain your pool to the best standards.

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