Pool filter maintenance requires inspection and testing many components

How do you know your pool filter is working properly

Your pool water clarity might be looking great with perfectly clean pool water, but how do you know if your pool filter is working properly?

When pool water is cloudy and is in need of a thorough cleaning, it’s easy to say that the pool filter is clogged or malfunctioning. Unless thorough testing is undertaken by a pool cleaning professional, you don’t really know if the filter is functioning as intended by the manufacturer.

Possible pool filter failures, or malfunctions include:

  • Leaking pool filter gaskets, resulting in corroded parts and water damage to electronics.
  • General leaks at pipe fittings and valves which is a waste of water, and leakage can damage and stain landscaping, pool decking, and pool equipment.
  • Leaks can sometimes occur underground. The pool filter lines and pipes run underneath pool decking and surround the pool structure, and these can be the toughest pool filter malfunctions to find. Leaking pipes underground can sometimes be evident by dirty or cloudy pool water because the broken pipe or fitting might be drawing in dirt from the surrounding ground. Sometimes the pressure forces water outwards from the leak and the dirt won’t be showing in pool water. The only way of telling is by pressure testing or detecting a faster than normal water level drop.
  • Pool motors can burn out, and other times if the motor won’t start, it could be a start or run capacitor in the electronics associated with the pool filter.
  • Bearings in pool filter motors can often fail and need replacement. Often times, bearing failure in a pool filter pump requires a new pool filter motor.
  • Electronic control boxes sometimes become fused by age, corrosion, or even by lightning strikes. The lightning can affect delicate pool filtration pump control circuits even if it is a strong enough strike to the power pole down the street.
  • The sand filter may be clogged and need a backwash, or the filter screens and cartridges themselves might be due for a clean or replacement.

Andy and his team of pool cleaning and maintenance professionals have the experience, the knowledge and the equipment to thoroughly test and repair your pool filter. Their experience has been gained through years of maintaining pools in the Temecula, Murrieta, Elsinore, Menifee, and Hemet area. This is important because they are aware of problems caused by soft soils, sedimentation due to weather variations, and hot and cold seasonal conditions.

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