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Online Pool Maintenance

If it’s green, call a pool guy. Pool maintenance is usually hap hazard. If the water is cloudy, toss in some clarifier. Reflections Pool Services use online pool maintenance to track all maintenance activity and keep your pool optimized to avoid emergency pool cleaning calls and wasted pool chemicals. How is this possible? Our PoolTrac […]

Get your pool ready for the summer and fix cloudy pool water in Temecula, Hemet, Menifee, Murrieta

What causes cloudy pool water?

Cleaning cloudy pool water could be easy or difficult depending on the what is causing cloudy pool water. Cloudy pool water is the result of either algae, dissolved oils, dirt particles, or mineral particles. Causes of cloudy pool water include: a broken pool filtration pipe letting dirt enter the pipes between the filter and the […]

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How to fix cloudy pool water

How do I keep pool water clean? Pool water cleaning is a balancing act. Balance between low pH and high pH, or acidic and alkaline, and the reason it is so important is that it affects the way pool chemicals react in pool water, and this means pH will govern whether you cloudy pool water […]

Image of clean pool tiles

How to keep pool tiles perfect

Cleaning swimming pool tiles and other keeping other pool surfaces clean is as easy as regular sweeps and pool vacuuming with either automatic pool cleaners or daily brushing with an extension hose connected to your pool filter skim box. What happens if pool tiles begin to build up with spots and deposits? Pool tiles can […]

Pool filter maintenance requires inspection and testing many components

How do you know your pool filter is working properly

Your pool water clarity might be looking great with perfectly clean pool water, but how do you know if your pool filter is working properly? When pool water is cloudy and is in need of a thorough cleaning, it’s easy to say that the pool filter is clogged or malfunctioning. Unless thorough testing is undertaken […]